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The Top 2015 Hospitality Interior Trends

Posted on by Nichol and Hill Ltd

In the hospitality sector, it’s all about the finishing touches and the luxurious feel that can really heighten someone’s experience and make a place stick in their mind. So, if you work in the industry, like we do here at Nichol & Hill, then have a read through our article for some of the top … Continue reading

Arts and crafts may protect the elderly against dementia risk

Posted on by Nichol and Hill Ltd

If you’ve ever considered starting a new hobby, then you should definitely pursue the idea, as studies have shown just how beneficial certain hobbies really are. Many hobbies are therapeutic and good for the mind, body and soul – depending on what the hobby is –  contributing to a better well-being and an all-round healthier … Continue reading

Introducing the Kanega Smartwatch for seniors

Posted on by Nichol and Hill Ltd

The most commonly voiced fears about ageing are the loss of independence in caring for ourselves and the worry about becoming a burden on others. The new Kanega smartwatch by UnaliWear, harnesses the latest technology to allow elderly people to continue living independently and with dignity for as long as possible. Kanega means speak in … Continue reading