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Choosing the Right Curtains for a Nursing Home

Posted on by Nichol and Hill Ltd

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When it comes to choosing curtains for nursing homes, there may be a little more to consider than you first thought, as there are extra considerations you need to bear in mind compared to when choosing curtains for around the home.

For instance, the safety of your residents is paramount, so you need a curtain that can meet all safety regulations, but you also want something that looks the part and can offer ultimate comfort, creating a cosy and relaxing environment.

So, the team here at Nichol and Hill are going to share some tips with you when it comes to the colour, style and safety of your curtains, to help you chose the right curtains for your nursing home.


Although colour plays a large aesthetic part to any interior, it also plays a much more important role than just this. Colour taps into our emotions and therefore plays a very important role in terms of our well-being, both physically and emotionally, as well as creating an inspiring environment.

People with dementia or those suffering with visual difficulties respond differently to certain colours. Pastel colours, such as blues and purples, can be difficult for older people to distinguish between, as they often appear as grey to them. Peaches and corals add a touch of warmth to any surroundings and bright colours, such as yellows, are the most visible to older people.


With so many different styles available on the market today, knowing which ones to choose for your nursing home can be rather daunting.

Depending on what sort of look you want to achieve will depend on the sort of style you go for.

Here are a few different styles that cover both basic and lavish options:


If you want luxury, then a velvet drapery curtain could be the right option.  This indulgent, textured curtain can be just as effective in both neutral and richer tones.

Silk (or faux silk)

Silk fabric makes for a very stylish window dressing option that can provide extra warmth for your residents.

Faux silk can give almost exactly the same effect, creating a beautiful and calming waterfall effect.

Patterns and prints

Various patterns and prints can be applied to a basic fabric to create an original design.

A trailing, leafy pattern can create a soft, delicate appearance. Whereas a threaded surface can craft a rough, more textured look. Similarly, embroidery patterns stand out from curtains for a raised, bumpy finish.


Innovative curtains are designed with safety at the forefront, so when choosing the right curtains, here are a few safety features to remember to make sure you adhere to safety regulations.

Fire retardant

The curtain fabric is coated in a substance that reduces the flammability of the material, making it much more difficult to set alight.


Making sure your tracks and controls are all anti-ligature can reduce the risk of any accidents which could be fatal or any deliberate acts of self-harm from residents.


Although this may not fall exactly under the safety features of a curtain, a waterproof blind can be rather useful in the case an accident, as they require much less cleaning so staff can spend more time with their residents concentrating on their care, rather than cleaning the curtains.

When choosing curtains for your nursing home, it’s worth considering heavy duty curtains. These are made from a thicker, more durable material that can block out any light and provide thermal protection too, helping make your residents all the more comfortable and warm in their home.

If you choose curtains made from a thinner material, you can always have them thermally or blackout lined so your residents can still benefit from a restful and cosy night’s sleep, uninterrupted by daylight or cold draughts.

So, now you’ve read our useful tips, you can go ahead and start your search for the perfect nursing home curtain that combines innovative design with a beautiful textile, creating a safe, comfortable and homely living space.

Nichol and Hill

With expertise and specialist knowledge in providing commercial curtains for the nursing home sector, Nichol and Hill can supply you with the most reliable and beautiful curtains.

With years of experience in perfecting high levels of functionality with a range of styles, we can be sure to meet your needs with our made to measure nursing home curtains. Simply give us a call today for more information.

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