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The Lanesborough Auctions Its Furniture

Posted on by Nichol and Hill Ltd
The Lanesborough Hotel

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It looked as if everybody wanted to take home a piece of luxury in the form of ornate furniture from The Lanesborough Hotel when it auctioned off its furniture recently due to refurbishments.

Unsurprisingly, every item of the hotel furniture got snapped up by eager bidders and the auction was a roaring success which saw tens of millions of pounds spent on the luxury furniture – although the actual amounts for individual items has been kept under wraps.

The Lanesborough lobby

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The hotel, located on Hyde Park Corner offered an array of items, from lavish carpets to historic artwork and 3,500 items went on sale altogether. The Lanesborough has long been a popular destination for royalty, dating back to 1733 where it was first a hospital. The site reopened in 1991 as the hotel and since then has had many guests come to stay, including disgraced financier Bernie Madoff. A single night in the hotel can cost you around £18,000 so it’s hardly surprising that the furnishings made so much money.

It is not just the hotel which is known for its high standards though: the restaurant Aspley’s also holds a Michelin star for its cuisine and its dedication to high standards. If you want that Michelin style in your own home then you could do worse than the Mediterranean restaurants dining tables and chairs.

The Duke of Wellington portrait

Duke of Wellington portrait

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One of the items was a portrait of the Duke of Wellington whose family home is close to the hotel giving the item a personal link and showing the interesting history behind it. This wasn’t the only piece of artwork up for grabs however, the origins of the hotel as depicted in a stunning mural was also available for keen collectors to take home.

Even chandeliers were on sale, ranging from the elegant to the supremely grandiose in size. Among the soft furnishings which you could take away for whopping prices were the ornate pieces from bedrooms, hallways and communal areas. Many of the items are bespoke pieces, made especially for the hotel when it first opened. This was clearly irresistible for the buyers who took advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime chance to have such exquisite items in their own home.

Regency Style Interiors & Furnishings

The Lanesborough hotel auction

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There was regency-style items with fantastic gold and red fabrics intertwined, while deep dark wooden frames gave the pieces their high-end look. Some pieces which were sold were in fact replicas of original furniture, while there were many genuine antiques to be had also. While you might not think that anyone has need for such extravagant pieces there were clearly many who couldn’t resist purchasing decorative pieces, such as room dividers and marble-topped half tables.

Here at Nichol & Hill we have been providing hotels with high quality, comfortable furniture for over 25 years, and while it might not be going up for millions of pounds in auction any time soon, we can always ensure that you get stylish, made to measure hotel industry furniture to suit your premises – we even create bespoke pieces. Simply contact us today to discuss your furniture needs and our team will be happy to help.

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