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The Lanesborough Auctions Its Furniture

Posted on by Nichol and Hill Ltd

It looked as if everybody wanted to take home a piece of luxury in the form of ornate furniture from The Lanesborough Hotel when it auctioned off its furniture recently due to refurbishments. Unsurprisingly, every item of the hotel furniture got snapped up by eager bidders and the auction was a roaring success which saw … Continue reading

The Ultra-Modern Nursing Home

Posted on by Nichol and Hill Ltd

When we think of nursing homes, we tend to conjure up images of small, cosy, secure buildings, decorated with soft furnishings, with residents comfortably sitting in reclined chairs. However, although this may be the typical concept for a nursing home in the UK, this is quite different to other new nursing homes being designed and … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Curtains for a Nursing Home

Posted on by Nichol and Hill Ltd

When it comes to choosing curtains for nursing homes, there may be a little more to consider than you first thought, as there are extra considerations you need to bear in mind compared to when choosing curtains for around the home. For instance, the safety of your residents is paramount, so you need a curtain … Continue reading