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The Reading Well Books on Prescription for dementia scheme arrives in Stockton

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Stockton Council have introduced a scheme whereby books are being prescribed to benefit people who are affected by dementia, as well as their carers. The scheme, Reading Well Books on Prescription, was introduced in February, 2015.

It’s hoped that the scheme will give a greater understanding of dementia, and the relevant challenges involved, for carers and sufferers alike. Around 25 titles can be utilised to find information and advice – once an individual has been diagnosed with dementia.

What’s in the Reading Well Books?

Books on Prescription

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The information provided in the books includes advice on dealing with early memory loss, together with help for carers on a practical level. The practical advice found in the books are designed to keep people active and independent for longer. The cabinet member for adult services and health on Stockton Council, Councillor Jim Beall, said that the introduction of the scheme offered Stockton libraries the chance to have a “significant role” in creating a more dementia-friendly community across the area. He added that a greater awareness and understanding of dementia was “sorely needed”, and that enquiring about the Reading Well Books scheme gives people the opportunity to find out more about the illness just by visiting their local library.

Stockton Borough Libraries Involved

Stockton Library

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There are five libraries in the Stockton borough that have dedicated displays relating to this scheme. The libraries are: Stockton Central, Billingham, Norton, Yarm and Thornaby Central. The Stockton, Billingham and Thornaby libraries all have dementia-related books available to read, courtesy of the Reading Well Books scheme. Books can be requested at all the branches in the Stockton borough, while greater information can be found via posters and leaflets at libraries throughout the area.

The Reading Well Books On Prescription Story

Books on prescriptionThe Reading Well Books on Prescription was introduced in 2013, with the aim of helping people affected by a wide range of common mental health issues. These included depression, anxiety, phobias, as well as some eating disorders. Within its first year around 275,000 people had made use of the scheme. GPs and other health professionals can recommend books to their patients, though people can chose to take advantage of the scheme without any consultation. The relevant books have been carefully selected, with recommendations from experts determining the appropriate books for the scheme. All the books are free to borrow, and can be found in most public libraries in England.

Benefiting from funding from Arts Council England, and with the Society of Chief Librarians as partners, Reading Well Books on Prescription is heavily influenced by a similar scheme that Professor Neil Frude developed for Wales. The emphasis of the scheme is to offer self-help through books, and consequently help those affected gain a better understanding of the relevant condition.

Nichol & Hill

Along with books, a person’s surroundings can also be beneficial to a dementia sufferer. Certain colour palettes can be worked into an interior to awaken emotion and past experiences. Having bright coloured furnishings, such as chair covers and curtains will help them to stand out and become more visible to a resident in a care home.

Nichol & Hill understand the positive effects surroundings can have on dementia sufferers. Offering bespoke furniture and curtains, please contact us to find out more about the type of products we provide.


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