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Satisfy Healthcare Insurance & Reduce the Risk of Self Harm

Posted on by Nichol and Hill Ltd

Mental health services environments have a difficult balance to strike when considering refurbishment or redecoration. On one hand, they need to be as sure as possible that their facilities are accessible and welcoming to all. For instance the rooms that are to be used by service users need to be easy to navigate, clean, tidy, bright and fresh, particularly if patients are likely to be staying in them for a while. On the other hand, however, it is well established that hanging is the most common method of suicide and attempted suicide amongst mental health service users – and that a significant proportion of these attempts, whether successful or otherwise, are impulsive and unplanned. This means that mental health services have a duty of care to their patients that involves removing or covering up all likely or unnecessary potential ligature points. It’s not possible to entirely eliminate this risk, but it is vital that those who run and manage care homes and other healthcare services do all they can to minimise it as greatly as possible.

Commercial Blinds from Nichol and Hill LtdThere are many of these potential ligature points in most environments, but several of them are related directly to windows, curtains and blinds, but one of the ways that services can work to mitigate these risks is by having their windows and blinds designed to be anti-ligature – meaning that they are designed either for a ligature to slip straight off or to give way when placed under enough pressure. It’s also important to find blinds that have as few moving pieces as possible, and preferably do not have long durable cords as a part of their mechanisms.

Every year, all care facilities in the mental health sector are obliged to undertake a thorough survey of all potential ligature points and to eliminate as many of them as possible, particularly in higher-risk categories. Not all of these points are immediately obvious, for example, it’s possible to attach a ligature to a point surprisingly close to the floor.

How Can Nichol & Hill Help?

Homes in the care industry must have all blinds and curtains put in by qualified fitters; Care Home Blinds from Nichol and Hill Ltdpeople who have been approved to carry everything out to regulation standard. Nichol & Hill fitters have all undergone this training, meaning that we’re perfectly well-placed to help you refurbish the care home and other health facilities you own or manage. It’s incredibly important that you use only contracted companies who, like us, understand the rules and regulations as they have been laid out – otherwise you won’t only fail to satisfy the requirements of your health insurance, you will also (and far more seriously) be putting your patients, residents and service users at an unacceptable level of risk.

Get in touch today to speak to a member of our friendly team about our range of attractive, durable, anti-ligature blinds that will be appropriate for use in health care and other hospitality settings.

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