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The Top 2015 Hospitality Interior Trends

Posted on by Nichol and Hill Ltd

In the hospitality sector, it’s all about the finishing touches and the luxurious feel that can really heighten someone’s experience and make a place stick in their mind. So, if you work in the industry, like we do here at Nichol & Hill, then have a read through our article for some of the top hospitality interior trends of 2015.

Injection of personality

Bringing personality into your design is the most on-trend thing this year and can consist of a whole host of things. Businesses in the UK are said to be investing in up to £35 billion a year on creating innovative and inspiring designs. This includes hotels who are carefully choosing furniture and materials that reflect their culture and style. Many hotel architects and designers alike are now discussing the concept of ‘new luxury’. This is where designs are deliberately fabricated to create a mood, an experience or a memory for their guests during their stay with them.

Fascinating geometrics

Mesmerising geometric interiors can add depth to a room and is ideal for any modern or contemporary hotel, restaurant, bar or other leisure facility. It is quite often incorporated through wall panels and flooring designs. These can take on sculptural forms such as diamonds and hexagons in colour schemes of either monochrome greys and silvers, or bright colours like mustard and orange teamed with teal. This is a rather strong interior design style that can work well if done correctly, however anything too strong is overpowering and can verge on becoming an optical illusion.

Radiant orchid

Radiant Orchid

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Last years’ colour of the year was radiant orchid, and it is still proving to be an extremely popular choice for hospitality interiors now as we have moved into 2015. It has heavily influenced the fashion and interior design market, as well as packaging and graphic design too. This versatile colour is ideal for livening up any neutral colours in a room, such as cream, taupe or grey, but also looks great when paired with teal, turquoise and light yellow tones. So, if you’re looking for a bold colour to make a room stand out but without being overpowering, then radiant orchid is the perfect choice.

Finishing touches

In the hospitality sector, clients always expect the best and it is very important that you offer them nothing less than this. Paying close attention to the finishing touches can make all the difference to a client’s impression and memory of a place. Considering this, colour, tone and texture are the three key ingredients to bear in mind when designing a space. Mix elegant pastel shades through the soft furnishing such as the curtains, blinds, cushions, throws etc. These are also great ways to incorporate texture too, so consider velvet and satin upholstery for a luxurious and stylish feel.

Nichol & Hill

If you’re looking for bespoke contract furniture made from the highest quality materials, then Nichol and Hill are the people to call. We have helped many businesses in the hospitality sector to produce stunning interiors, from hotel rooms to seating areas, dining rooms and conference rooms. For more information about our soft furnishings, simply call us today.

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