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The Ultra-Modern Nursing Home

Posted on by Nichol and Hill Ltd

When we think of nursing homes, we tend to conjure up images of small, cosy, secure buildings, decorated with soft furnishings, with residents comfortably sitting in reclined chairs. However, although this may be the typical concept for a nursing home in the UK, this is quite different to other new nursing homes being designed and created across the world…

In other parts of the world, the traditional nursing home as we know it is undergoing a re-vamp.  Modern architecture for the elderly is being looked at in a whole new light, with new and improved features that are said to increase the happiness of residents during their retirement years.


The Mornington Centre in Victoria, Australia

The Mornington nursing homeThe Mornington Centre nursing home was designed by Lyons Architects – an urban design practice based in Australia. Their design is responsive of a new contemporary experience.

For The Mornington, they wanted to achieve the look of a beach house to fall in line with its coastline location and remove the clinical feel that nursing homes can sometimes emit.  In accordance with this, the building has a timber appearance with oversized planks mixed with smooth and rough grain, to bring dimension and texture.

The Mornington Centre interiorThe architectures claimed the new building is a paradigm of the traditional nursing home, with a ‘normal’ environment that has the ability to shift from a contemporary model of a care home, to one where staff and family can offer assistance and care for the residents.

Parts of the home can be likened to a hotel, with a reception area that has a concierge desk and wide corridors leading outside. Every room has been designed to look and function as a bedroom rather than a ward, each featuring a wide bay window helping control any heat from the sun, keeping residents as comfortable as possible.


Alcácer do Sal Residences in Alcácer do Sal, Portugal

Alcácer do Sal ResidencesPortuguese architects Francisco Aires Mateus and Manuel Aires Mateus have designed the  ultra-modern nursing home, Alcácer do Sal Residences.

The project is based on something between a home, hotel and hospital depending on the individuals needs, with an expressive and clear design, for a specific type of community.

The concept behind the design is to offer an amalgamation between social and private living, presenting the opportunity for a social life but also time of solitude for the residents when they need it. Alcácer do Sal Residences interior

With thought and meaning behind every aspect of this state-of-art building, Alcácer do Sal Residences is anything but traditional. Each independent unit has been drawn out to turn the idea of the path into life and time into form, and a walkway that naturally rises, opening up the space. The décor is minimal with white and grey marble floors, white surrounds and even a white exterior that has the appearance of a checkerboard with its alternate cut out boxes.


New Aging in New York

New Aging conferenceUnlike the other two designs, New Aging is not a building but a design conference that takes a closer look into how current architecture can be modernised to improve accommodation for the ageing population.

Set up by Matthias Hollwich – partner at Architecture firm HWKM- The New Ageing Conference is a combination of workshops and discussions about the development of age-related living areas.  Hollwich has introduced this conference with the hope that designers will create a strong sense of community and playfulness through their designs that the elderly can benefit from.

The conference had participants from around the world including; Arnoud Gelauff from Rotterdam, Netherlands, Manuel Ocana from Menorca, Spain and Erhard Kinzelbach from Hainburg, Austria to name just a few prominent figures in the architectural industry.

So, now you’ve had a preview into what the future could hold for the nursing home, with changes to its current structure and concept as well as its internal décor- and we’ll just have to keep an eye out for it making its way to the UK!


Nichol and Hill

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