Transformed spaces with bright, inviting curtains and furnishings, contributing to a positive resident experience.

Transformed spaces with bright, inviting curtains and furnishings, contributing to a positive resident experience.
Jane Smith - Fairbanks Care Home

Engaging Care Home Environments

At Nichol & Hill, we specialise in creating beautiful, functional interiors for care homes. Our goal is to enhance the lives of residents through thoughtfully designed spaces that are both safe and inviting. With decades of expertise in the sector, we understand the specific needs and challenges of care environments, ensuring that every design element supports the well-being and comfort of residents.

Bespoke Design Solutions

We offer bespoke curtains and furnishings tailored to meet the unique demands of each care home. From fire-retardant fabrics to anti-ligature features, our products combine safety with style, making each room welcoming and secure. Our design team works closely with care home staff to choose colours and patterns that not only brighten spaces but also aid in orientation and stimulate positive moods among residents.

A Comprehensive Approach

Nichol & Hill provides a full range of services from initial design consultation to final installation. We manage every detail, ensuring a seamless process that minimises disruption to residents and staff. Our products include:


Custom-made with options for enhanced privacy and light control.


Durable furniture designed for comfort and ease of use.

Soft Furnishings

Coordinating cushions and accessories to complete the look of each room.

Why Nichol & Hill for Care Homes?


Over 35 years dedicated to improving care home interiors.


High standards of craftsmanship using the best materials.


All products meet regulatory requirements for safety and durability.

Discover how Nichol & Hill can transform your care home into a more inviting, functional, and safe environment. Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can help create a space that residents will love to call home.

Precision in Every Detail

At Nichol & Hill, precision is paramount in our curtains and soft furnishings. We offer complimentary on-site surveys to guarantee the success of your project.

Expert Assistance: Have your questions answered anytime—our experts are always at hand to assist you.

Accurate Measurements: Benefit from precise and thorough measurements, ensuring every detail is perfect for your space.

Clear Quotation: Receive a transparent and detailed quote, tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Quality you can trust

At Nichol & Hill, we take pride in our longstanding reputation for exceptional quality. Our experienced team adhere to strict standards to guarantee to meets your needs and expectations.

UK Manufacture

Crafted in the UK to ensure superior quality and durability.

Free Samples

Order free samples to directly experience our exceptional quality.

Quality Check

Every product undergoes rigorous inspections for guaranteed quality.

Expert advice

Receive personalised advice tailored to your specific needs.