Explore Nichol & Hill’s bespoke blind solutions, tailored to the demands of care and hospitality industries. You can expect exceptional workmanship and customer service with every project.

Expertly Crafted Commercial Blinds for Every Setting

At Nichol & Hill, we specialise in providing top-quality commercial blinds tailored for care homes, hotels and office environments. With a focus on durability, style and functionality, our extensive range of blinds is designed to meet the diverse needs of the care and hospitality industries. We are committed to delivering exceptional workmanship and customer service with every project.

Care Home Blinds

Our fire retardant blinds are manufactured to the highest standards and are available in a variety of styles, colours, and designs. Whether for a care home, luxury hotel or corporate office, our blinds are custom-made to suit your specific requirements, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic of your spaces.

Safety and Style with Anti-Ligature Blinds

Understanding the unique needs of care facilities, we also offer anti-ligature blinds to aid in risk management, ensuring a safer environment for all residents.

Personalised Service

We pride ourselves on our direct and personalised approach, working closely with you through each step of the design and installation process. Our team will precisely measure your windows and install your choice of vertical, Venetian or roller blinds, ensuring a flawless fit. We also provide made-to-measure services to perfectly meet your specifications.

For further information about our range of commercial blinds or to discuss your specific needs, contact the experts at Nichol & Hill today. Let us help you enhance your environment with blinds that combine beauty with functionality.

Types of Blinds

Choosing the appropriate blinds is essential for both style and functionality. From sleek Venetian blinds to practical roller options, our guide explores various types to help you find the ideal match for your specific needs and décor.

Roller Blinds

At Nichol & Hill, we offer an extensive selection of commercial roller blinds, perfect for enhancing any care home, healthcare facility or hospitality property. Our roller blinds merge durable functionality with a sleek, sophisticated finish, providing the ideal finishing touch to your spaces. Manufactured and installed by our experts, our blinds are guaranteed to fit flawlessly and elevate the aesthetic of any room. Tailored to match your precise specifications, our blinds come in an array of colours and styles, ensuring that whether your decor is professional and elegant or vibrant and innovative, you’ll find the perfect match for your needs.

Venetian Blinds

Our Venetian blinds offer precise control over privacy and light, while transforming windows into stunning features of any room. Whether crafted from timber, aluminium, or eco-friendly recycled wood, our made-to-measure Venetian blinds are available in an array of colours and styles to perfectly complement your environment’s decor. Our dedicated team of specialists guide you through every step of the blind installation process, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience from start to finish. No matter your style preference or commercial theme, you’re guaranteed to find the ideal Venetian blind within our extensive collection, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your space.

Vertical Blinds

Nichol & Hill’s vertical blinds provide exceptional window dressing solutions for various environments, including care homes, offices, and residential settings. Known for their high functionality and aesthetic appeal, our vertical blinds are available in a vast selection of colours and designs. This ensures that you can find the perfect match to enhance your property’s decor and meet your specific needs. From manufacturing to installation, we deliver flawless results that meet your specific needs.

First impressions matter.

Make yours a lasting one with our bespoke care home interiors.

Case Studies

At Nichol & Hill, we take pride in our reputation for exceptional quality. Our experienced team follows strict standards to guarantee:

Transformed spaces with bright, inviting curtains and furnishings, contributing to a positive resident experience.

Transformed spaces with bright, inviting curtains and furnishings, contributing to a positive resident experience.

Transformed spaces with bright, inviting curtains and furnishings, contributing to a positive resident experience.

Precision in Every Detail

At Nichol & Hill, precision is paramount in our curtains and soft furnishings. We offer complimentary on-site surveys to guarantee the success of your project.

 Expert Assistance: Have your questions answered anytime—our experts are always at hand to assist you.

Accurate Measurements: Benefit from precise and thorough measurements, ensuring every detail is perfect for your space.

Clear Quotations: Receive a transparent and detailed quote, tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.